Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminum is light, strong, corrosion free, attractive and most economical. Aluminum extrusion is a versatile metal forming process that allows real design freedom with built in near net shape ability and unique properties that ware unsurpassed by competing materials.

The product with a wide variety of profile shapes and forms can be produced simultaneously in one extrusion phase. The natural resistance to corrosion can be enhanced by surface treatment: for example Anodizing creates an extremely durable surface on aluminum products.

We at Hasten Extrusions is capable enough to manufacture any aluminum Extrusions parts as per client’s requirement.

Environment Friendly

The Aluminum, which is inadvertently dispersed in the environment, does not have harmful side effects for mankind as well as environment. Aluminum is recyclable. Products which can be recycled repeatedly to produce new products.

The increasing use of recycled metal save both energy and mineral resources needed for primary production, which makes it an even more environmental friendly material.